About: Almira

Dorothy Gale cried, feeling nothing but anger towards Miss Gulch. Certainly, and Dorothy would be the first to admit, no one should live in fear of being attacked by dogs (or lions, or even monkeys). The thing was, Miss Gulch struck first, hitting Toto with a rake, so, naturally, the Law of Jungle (or Oz, or even home) exerted itself.

But life on the prairie had rules, people respected the social contract, and Miss Gulch was, in economic, educational and all measure of social standing, as far above the Gale family, as they were above their three itinerant workers. Dorothy might as well oppose the lack of benefits and job security that Hunk, Zeke and Hickory faced in their daily lives, being disadvantaged in effective job market skills (or education, or even in the courage to stand up for their rights).

It was part of what her new teacher, (her former teacher was killed in the storm that also destroyed the school building, although most of her classmates were also killed, by happy chance, Dorothy was absent from class that day), who was also the principle would say to the handful of surviving families on the last day of school in the newly dedicated Almira Gulch High School.”


…there is always more to the story


2 thoughts on “About: Almira

    • Thank you, Kerry! It seems to be the way of these stories (at least in my approach to them as serials) that I get as excited as everyone else at the prospect of what the future Chapters will hold.

      (yeah, totally don’t really know yet… though, I’m beginning to get a sense of it. one thing, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet (about the story to come) is that Almira Gulch (maiden name Ristani) grew up in Lawrence Massachusetts in the really 1900s and, in fact, was there at the time of the famous Bread and Roses Strike! more to follow)

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